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Following its quite increased popularity in the early 21st century, Reality television began to have a significant impact on the British record companies. Of the 274 albums that reached number one in the united kingdom charts, 15 were by artists that had found fame through a television programme. The first like act was Hear’Say, A British pop group formed by the tv program Popstars.

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Back in Tamriel for ESOTU

Elder Scrolls Online has had a relaunch of sorts with its latest version now available on the PS4 and Xbox One: Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Graev and I both enlisted quite some time ago in ZOS’ offer to buy the new edition for only $20 rather than a full price console release. While both of us also took advantage of the free character copy to bring over our banks full of crafting mats, we decided to completely reroll characters in the Daggerfall Covenant.

I went with a Templar using a 2-hander and a Bow (designed to just be lots of DPS and AOE DPS), and Graev is playing as a Sorcerer user of sorts who summons and heals. So far we are enjoying ourselves by taking things slow and doing most of the quests. Neither of us love quest grinding, and that is purely what ESO is all about, but the combat is fun and we like to slaughter monsters.

So what’s different in ESOTU? Umm… I guess not much. The use of a controller makes playing way more fun, if that counts? Really though, apparently the game hasn’t received THAT much worth writing home about. Stealing has been added, and if you are caught with contraband you will be fined by guards. The thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood, however, are not yet in the game. The running conjecture at this point is DLC now that ESO is B2P supported by a cash shop. End-game has received some decent work with veteran ranks, though, if that’s your thing.

One interesting addition is voice chat. Area voice is on automatically and is opt-out rather than opt-in. This has proven to be quite embarrassing for some. The quality is decent, and having such a feature makes grouping easy since the console comes with a mic for all to use.

Performance on the consoles is not without its downsides. The graphics are great on PS4, but both Graev and I run into hitching at the exact same spots in-town leading me to believe it is game/server-side. The hitching is most common in cities at this point. Unfortunately, playing on PS4 means having a subscription to Playstation Plus which is like $50 a year or something. Not huge, but worth noting.

Worth buying? Here’s my honest stance right now. ESOTU is ESO, and it’s worth getting if you liked the PC version enough to say, “Hey, I’d like to sit on my couch and play it on my console.” The game has life I honestly haven’t seen since week 1 of ESO launch. Both Graev and I both liked ESO but couldn’t fall in love with the game. ESOTU is a great chance for us to dungeon crawl, slay baddies, and play in a world we enjoy. Will we be playing long? We’ll make our way to 50 at our own pace and play until we get bored.

Edits after reading some comments: If you treat ESOTU like a MMO then you’re screwed. It’ll be 1-2 monther at most. Treat it like a multiplayer RPG with a semi-decent story and better than average combat. Play with a friend or two. Go at it alone, or quest grind your way to the top, and you’ll be bored in a week. It’s a console game for me. I would not even consider playing it again on PC or treating it like I do an MMO. ESO on PC was the beta for the console version, where it clearly belongs.

MMO Badlands

I don’t know if this is the summer drought or indicative of something much bigger. You all feel it. MMOs have dried up — bad. Multiple people have come to me and said, “I’ve lost faith in MMOs,” and “I haven’t felt the urge to play one in months.” I’m right there with you guys.

You know things are dire when we are actually playing the games we bought on Steam’s summer sale and the MMO news sites have posted about Marvel Heroes 3 times in the last 2 days. I’ve given up trying to keep up with Generic Asian Publisher Game X or MOBA Y that launches the day after its very first appearance in the media.

Looking at the MMO landscape, I’m confident it’s not just us; Meaning we are not the ones responsible for feeling this way and it’s not an issue of us becoming jaded or bored. There’s just nothing there, and what is there should more often than not be avoided.

Company of Heroes 2’s British Forces expansion gets limited free trial

The latest standalone multiplayer expansion for Company of Heroes 2, The British Forces, will have a limited free trial period before its release on 3 September.

“Up to” 55,000 players will get a bash at the Brits ahead of that date. The free trial will begin on 31 August at 10:00am PDT/6:00pm BST/7:00pm CET and end on 2 September at 2:00pm PDT/10:00pm BST/11:00pm CET. Keys (and key locations) will be distributed through the Company of Heroes 2 twitter channel.

The trial (and well done to Relic for not calling this a “beta”) will include everything in the British Forces expansion; 15 British units, six new commanders (though three of these need War Spoils/DLC payments to unlock – it’s not clear whether they’ll be available from the off in the trial) and eight multiplayer maps.

Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces will sell for $13.00 USD / £10.00 GBP as either a standalone package (which will allow people to use the Brits in CoH2 multiplayer and play against the other factions through matchmaking) or as an addition to the base game. People who already own Company of Heroes 2 will get 20% off the retail price. It also has 10% off during this pre-order period on Steam.

Here are some new images of the magnificent British in combat action on the new maps.

Satellite Reign beams early launch trailer into neuroreceptors

A sinister future shot through with neon and rain awaits people in ten days time, when Satellite Reign leaves the lab-like confirms of Early Access and is put out to general release.

Between now and 28 August it’s possible to bask in the glow emitted by this somewhat early ‘launch’ trailer (though since Satellite Reign has been available in Early Access for some time now, I guess it technically launched a while ago). It gives a look at the Syndicate-like open city, as well as the skills available to your specialist agents.

Hacking, stealth, and churning security forces up with massive miniguns are all pathways that can lead to successful completion of a mission. Rather than trying to take over the entire planet (as in Syndicate), the goal in Satellite Reign is to be the number one organisation in the city.

To that end, it’s necessary to pursue missions, engage in research and development, upgrade your agents, and generally act as a nuisance to the other forces controlling the streets.

Satellite Reign drummed up £461,000 on Kickstarter back in June 2013, and is being developed by 5 Lives Studio. Former Syndicate Wars man Mike Diskett heads that studio.

Here’s the new trailer. You can read some (very) Early Access impressions about Satellite Reign here, but keep in mind the game has changed a fair bit since I looked at it last.

First look over Garrison Shipyard

If you looked over the 6.2 patch highlights or if you read the patch notes you now know that we’ll be able to build a new Garrison building in the upcoming 6.2 patch.

I tested it in on the PTR and here is what I found out:

The new Shipyard wont use any building slot in your garrison, since it’s located on the shores and currently you can find it on the Garrison Architect Board.
Building a working Shipyard and your first Ship will cost you 6000 garrison resources, but according to this tweet, the resource requirements will be lowered.
To increase the Shipyard you’ll have to complete more and more Naval Missions.
The Naval Missions will be accessed from a NPC next to the default Missions board.
These missions use Ships instead of followers (even though the system seems to be similar)
These Ships can level up, increase their quality up to Epic, have abilities and traits and can equip items like Ship Equipment: Navigational Charts, and Ship Equipment: Stabilizer Fins (these items cost 2000 garrison resources and I don’t know if this will be the final price)
Currently you can use/own only 5 ships. I don’t really know if you can get more and disable them like you do with your followers.
To start these missions you’ll need some kind of fuel resource (for the moment I couldn’t find the source of it).
As for rewards from these missions I can only see the experience, but I guess this is a work in progress.

Draenor Flying available in 6.2.x

Yes, you read the title right. With a future patch, that’s planned somewhere after the launch of 6.2 that’s currently on the PTR, we will be able to invade the Draenor skies with our dust-collecting flying mounts.

There were hundreds of topics from people demanding this feature to become available in Draenor, and also a few official announcements as a reply to that feedback that always told us that there is no plan yet for enabling flying in Draenor yet.

Now, with the latest Dev Watercooler article, Blizzard announced that we will be able to use our flying mounts once more. First of all you should read the complete article and the reason behind this decision, but if you like to know how to fly in Draenor and how to prepare to be ready for this when the time comes, then please read below.

So, to enable flying in Warlords of Draenor you should complete a meta achievement called: Draenor Pathfinder. This achievement will include:

Explore Draenor – This one if pretty simple, you just have to uncover the entire Draenor map. This achievement includes:
Explore Frostfire Ridge
Explore Gorgrond
Explore Nagrand
Explore Shadowmoon Valley
Explore Spires of Arak
Explore Talador
Grand Treasure Hunter – This achievement asks for 200 treasures, but you’ll need only half of that. If you need help with those treasures I recommend you to take a look at the HandyNotes addon.
Loremaster of Draenor – This is a big step for a lot of people. You’ll have to complete the quests in all the areas of Draenor. It will take time, but is not impossible, especially with today’s gear.
Securing Draenor – is needed as well, but you can spend some Garrison Resources to buy the Scouting Missives that allow you to complete any of those missing quests.
The last step is to hit Revered with three of the Tanaan Jungle new factions. If you need help with this remember that I’ll update the Reputation Calculator when 6.2 goes live.
The interesting part is that after you’ll complete this mighty meta achievement, the Draenor Pathfinder, all your 90+ characters will have the Draenor Flying ability unlocked.

For those who love mounts and want to keep collecting them, you should know that the same meta achievement will reward us with a new mount: a Soaring Skyterror.

I know that when it comes to flying in Draenor everyone has its own opinion and there are pros and cons about it, that’s why I’d like to know how do you feel about this. Personally, I love it. Maybe this way I’ll step out of the Garrison more.


Daybreak CEO John Smedley generated a lot of press yesterday with a series of angry tweets directed at Lizard Squad’s Julius Kivimaki. Today, Smedley opened up on Reddit and explained why he’s so upset that Kivimaki has apparently skated through the Finnish justice system with a two-year suspended sentence.

“He’s been involved for years in every kind of terrible thing you can imagine including carding, hacking, swatting people all over the world,” Smedley said. “He’s also participated in a major way in DDoS attacks that caused a lot of grief for gamers and a lot of economic damage to the companies that make and run games.” Smedley goes on to explain how he has personally been swatted multiple times and how he has had his entire credit history, social security number, and his family’s personal information leaked online.

“So you guys can debate this and that’s all well and good, but meanwhile this shit is real to my life and my family’s life and I’m sure as hell not lying down for it for a second,” Smedley explained. “I’ve been working with law enforcement to put him and others into jail where they belong. Some of them are minors which makes it tough. Most of them are outside the US, which makes it tougher. But I’m patient and I’m going to be relentless about this.”


Virtual world MMO Project Gorgon is preparing for a third Kickstarter campaign, its creator tweeted this past week. Eric Heimburg confirmed that the team is finalizing plans to seek funding for current and future development of the game.

It remains to be seen how ambitious a fundraising goal that Heimburg will set this time around. Project Gorgon attempted to raise $100,000 last fall but only managed to get to the $23,500 mark. Since then, alpha development has continued with the occasional update.

Speaking of which, Project Gorgon has put out a few patches lately to beef up the game’s content. These include level cap increases, more werewolf fun, improvements to the newbie experience, and the first pass of the day-night cycle with the intent to eventually develop a full dynamic weather system. Oh, and if you’ve been traumatized by the Omegaspider in the past, you’ll be happy to know that it’s been nerfed to the ground.

Neverwinter Developers Provide Insight To “Biggest Map We’ve Ever Made”

Perfect World Entertainment took to the official Neverwinter Online site recently to publish a new post detailing the extraordinary lengths the team took to create the new stronghold map, the biggest map they’ve ever made. The new developer diary post provides players with interesting insight into the design philosophy and implementation of the new map, created to offer players a true feeling of rewarding exploration and to cater to both PvE and PvP experiences in the new zone.

The post goes on to explain the challenges of creating such a map. A map that had to be big enough to sustain large numbers of players and offer enough room for guilds to create and defend structures in many different environments. This results in very distinct areas that offer variety in gameplay, whether you’re besieging an enemy stronghold or tackling some tough enemies for some PvE excitement.

Metro Conflict Open Beta Underway

OGPlanet today announced the launch of their hottest event of the Summer with the Open Beta release of the hugely anticipated free-to-play MMO shooter, Metro Conflict. Beginning today at 4PM PST players were able to enter the battlefield in the long-awaited release from Red Duck Inc, with Metro Conflict’s origins tracing back as far as 2010. Despite taking 5 years to see their concept come to fruition the team are excited to release Metro Conflict to the general gaming audience in a week long event.

This initial Open Beta even will run through until June 30th and will include a number of the games most exciting features and abilities including the opportunity to play as any of 8 versatile classes, fight for supremacy across detailed maps and enjoy 4 major game modes that offer the perfect opportunity to test ones skills against similar enemies. The Open Beta is available on both Valve’s popular Steam platform and OGPlanet’s personal launcher, although both are currently restricted to North American and European audiences.

The Open Beta week also presents players with the chance of seeing their names forever etched into the Metro Conflict annals of history with 5 competitive categories heavily tracked throughout the event, with the top 100 from each being named and framed in-game.